Compare Bugbox to Anaerobic Jars

This calculator is aimed at any microbiology laboratory managers or administrators concerned with workflow analysis and looking at ways to increase productivity. This calculator works out the true costs in materials and labor for Anaerobic or Microaerophilic Jars/Packs and compares it to the costs of buying and running a Baker Ruskinn incubated anaerobic or microaerophilic workstation. Typically, if your lab is running more than 20 anaerobic jars/week (typically 300 individual plates/week), you can see that Bugbox (world’s smallest anaerobic workstation) wins out over anaerobic jars in terms of financial payback with real annual labor savings.

User Details

If you need more than 18 plates please contact us

Jar Usage

Suggested: $270 ea

Suggested: 10 years

Incubator(s) Power Consumption

Suggested: 550kWh per incubator

Suggested: $0.09

Jar Consumables

Suggested: $40 per 10-pack

Suggested: $81 per 100-pack

Suggested: $40 per 10-pack